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List Your Property for Free

We wanted to make it easier for homeowners to rent their places without any risk. Unlike other sites, there are no listing fees. None! No upfront fees, no owner booking fees and no subscriptions to worry about. Watch our video here:

Pricing Transparency

*Your guest will pay an industry-low booking fee of just 3%, while you as the owner, will only cover the guest’s credit/debit card processing fee. And unlike those large national booking sites, VacationAtMyPlace only passes through the exact amount that we are being charged by the credit card company without any markup. Its pricing transparency!

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Communicate Directly with Guests

This is the single most important feature to get more bookings. When property owners can have a direct dialogue with their guests through our VAMP in-mail system to answer any questions or concerns they may have beforehand, the odds of turning that inquiry into a booking will greatly increase.  We do not block your ability to freely communicate with your guests unlike those other national sites.

Calendar Date

Avoid Double Bookings

VacationAtMyPlace provides streamlined technology that allows rental owners to automatically synch calendars, rates, guest reservations and payments with other top vacation rental websites. Double bookings and avoidable vacancies are now things of the past.


* A 2.8% credit/debit card processing fee shall be automatically deducted by VacationAtMyPlace prior to the disbursement of guest’s payment to you. (Rate may be subject to change)
* Disbursement of guest’s payment will be made to owners within 48 hours of guest’s check-in date.